About the Author

I went to school to become a social worker. As time went on and when I got my degree I realized I didn’t want to work in the mental field and deal with Traumas but all I am good at is helping people with their problems so what else can I do? Then someone gave me the Idea of becoming a sex therapist. She told me “you’re really good at sex advice and know how to help people who struggle in different ways, plus you make it entertaining, so go for that” So that’s what my goal became. I started to get into it and studied ways on helping people with all sexual topics such as fluidity, sexual anxiety, controlling sexual addictions, overcoming challenges of communicating with a sexual partner and so much more. That’s when I came up with the idea of creating a book with personal sex experiences that can help people with this topic and even have a laugh. It’s really a good way of helping you know how to choose your sex partner and overcome all the challenges that comes with it even your past.